Guido Traverso Guicciardi (Italy)

Guido Traverso Guicciardi, an Italian national with a degree in Economics and Finance, has a long-standing background in business advisory. He has been primarily involved in the Hard Luxury sector, assisting jewelry and watch brands in product design, packaging, visual merchandising, and store architecture. Throughout his career, Guido has had the opportunity to work with color gemstones and diamonds, which piqued his curiosity and interest in gemstones.

Yen Le (Vietnam)

Yen Le started her gemstone journey at the young age of seven while helping in her father’s gem store in Vietnam. She later became his business translator, learning invaluable first-hand knowledge of the gem trade. Eventually, encouraged by her father, she moved to Thailand to open a jewelry store and study at AIGS.

Gaganveer Singh (India)

Gaganveer Singh A.G. @littlegemologist @pradeep_gems trades colored stones and makes custom jewelry for his clients. Born in Lucknow, India, Singh was a financial professional before starting his career in gems and jewelry. His father, a gem enthusiast, encouraged him to enter the world of gemstones.